A Guide to Computer Monitors for First Time PC Buyers

The importance of choosing a good computer monitor is often lost on first-time PC purchasers, who tend to prioritize features like memory, speed, RAM, processor and price. A monitor that offers good clarity and delivers sharp images enhances user experience and does not strain the eyes following several hours of continuous use. This is why it makes sense to invest in the right computer monitor for your needs. To make an informed choice, you could rent a few display screens from a monitor rental company and decide which suits your work or usage patterns the best. And it helps if you have a basic understanding of the types of PC monitors that you can choose from.

CRT monitors

The Cathode Ray Tube monitor is the most basic type of monitor screen and is the cheapest monitor available today. Though the technology used in the CRT has advanced, it remains one of the heaviest and oldest looking monitor screens. There are several advantages of buying or renting a CRT.

A� It can display images in almost all resolutions and has a good refresh rate.

A� The vast color range present in the CRT cannot be matched by most other computer monitors.

A� CRT monitors have a high rate of response along with excellent viewing angles.

LCD monitors

The Liquid Crystal Display monitor is a favorite among gamers and movie buffs. The LCD has a specific type of technology that uses a liquid crystal solution to give sharper and clearer images. The liquid is present between two types of glass panes that help in preventing smudges and blurry colors while watching a video or playing a game. These classy flat screen displays are slightly on the expensive side and are becoming very popular around the world. Compatible and light, these screens occupy very less space on a desk. Many organizations prefer renting these flat screens for a short period of time from monitor rental providers as they are easy and light to move around.

TFT-LCD monitors

Thin Film Transistor-LCD monitors are one of the recent additions to hit the market. High resolution TFT-LCD monitors are slowly replacing CRTs. The only difference in the technology between the TFT-LCD and the LCD is that a thin transistor of film is present between the panes of polarized glass. Anime lovers favor this type of monitor as it has a sharp display and is apt for watching animated cartoons and movies. Artists who specialize in graphic and web designing also prefer this type of monitor. With lesser energy consumption and better visual clarity, this is one of the best monitors to go for. As it can be easily moved or mounted, it has become a popular choice in homes and offices.

You will find many TFT monitor rental providers in your city. If you cannot afford to buy one, you can always consider rentals and stay cost-effective. You can also try out different types of computer monitors by renting them out first, and make an informed purchase decision.

By lexutor