If you are moving into an older house, there are a few easy-to-miss areas you may want to clean before settling in. Even though the previous owners may have done some light cleaning before moving out, a deep clean is a good way to make a used home feel like new. Consider a few potentially dirty spots that you may not have originally thought to address.

1. Air

Depending on how old the house is, it is possible that there could be mold, allergens or other contaminants in the air. The best way to determine whether there are any air quality issues is to look into mold testing Portland Oregon. If you discover that there is mold in the house, you can then take the proper measures to treat and prevent it.

2. Ventilation Systems

Even though you cannot usually see inside them, it is important to clean the air ducts in your house and to replace any filters. Air ducts oftentimes become full of dust which then can blow out into your home. Consider hiring professionals to help you clean your ventilation system.

3. Drains

The inside of drains is also not something you normally think to clean, but these areas can often fill up with material that could eventually result in a clog. It is a good idea to remove any debris from drains when you first move in to prevent future plumbing issues.

4. Carpeting

Carpeting is much more difficult to clean than hardwood or tile floors. Some people choose to put in new carpet or to simply remove the carpet altogether. If new flooring does not fit in your budget, an alternative to replacing your carpet is to steam clean it. You could purchase your own carpet cleaner or hire professionals to help you with this.

No one likes a dirty home, especially when it’s not even your dirt. Give your family a fresh start in your new space by cleaning all those hard-to-reach areas right away.

By lexutor