The coronavirus pandemic ushered in a new era of working from home. No longer for the self-employed or remote workers, anybody who is able to work from home is encouraged to. As the pandemic drags along, working from the dining room table is no longer fun and people are setting up proper home offices. To perfect your home office setup, follow these suggestions.

1. Get New Furniture

Being a productive worker has a lot to do with the furniture you are using. If you have an uncomfortable chair or a too-small desk, you won’t be working at your best level. Invest in comfortable office furniture to make your home office a place that you enjoy spending your time. Buy a chair with lumbar support. If you like to move around and work from different locations, maybe get an armchair or sofa.

2. Don’t Let it Become a Storage Room

It’s easy for a home office to become the place to store things out of the house common areas. You also won’t have a cleaning staff coming in every night to clean up and take care of messes. When you leave your office at the end of the day, take the time to clean up and go through piles of paper, throwing out what you don’t need. Take and mugs or dishes to the kitchen. If there is anything that doesn’t belong in your office, move it somewhere else.

3. Personalize Your Space

You are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office. Personalize it and make it functional for the work you do. If you need a large work surface or standing desk, get one. Buy enough lighting. Make it feel like an office you want to spend time in, rather than one you need to work in.

No one knows when the vast majority of workers are going back to their office spaces if they even are. Make the effort to create your perfect home office and you’ll be all set to do your work there for as long as necessary.

By lexutor