Needing to choose a new pair of glasses after an eye exam can be a big deal for many people. Some people do not enjoy wearing glasses, while others look forward to selecting a new pair every year. While contact lenses are an option, glasses offer many benefits that contacts do not.

1. Style

Many people think of their eyeglasses as a fashion statement. There are many style and color options available, so almost everyone should be able to find something that suits them. Depending on the situation, some people like to get two pairs every year so they can switch between different looks.

2. Protection

Thanks to technological innovations, wearing eyeglasses can be beneficial to the eyes in multiple ways. Substances that make up the glasses, such as alumina powder, make them better than ever. The physical presence of the glasses helps to protect the eyes from wind and debris. Lenses can be crafted that reduce glare, transition into sunglasses in bright light, or protect against ultraviolet light. As opposed to contacts, glasses do not touch the eye directly, so the chance of eye infection is lower.

3. Convenience

It is faster in the morning to wake up and slide on a pair of glasses instead of fiddling around with a contact lens case and sterilizing fluids. Removing glasses to rest the eyes or take a nap is also much more convenient than removing contact lenses. If they get dirty, they can be easily cleaned, but if contacts get dirty the eye can become scratched or irritated.

There are many great reasons to choose a fantastic pair of eyeglasses at the next visit to the eye doctor. They provide a physical barrier to help prevent things from entering the eyes, may protect eyes against ultraviolet radiation and are easier to take on and remove while also allowing the wearer to utilize them as a fashion statement.

By lexutor