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Which smartphone brands British people use the most?

If you are living in the UK, then you might have probably wondered what phone most of your fellow countrymen use, right? Well, that is actually what we are going to discuss now so that you can know what is considered the best in the UK and if you are making the right decision by going for any other brand.

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The smartphone brands British people use!

Do note that the statistics mentioned below are solely based on surveys conducted in different timelines so that the exact values can fluctuate.

1.   Apple

As expected, Apple is the most used smartphone brand in the whole United Kingdom. We all know how famous Apple is in the whole world and how their smartphones just blow up as soon as they reach the market. The same scenario goes for the British people as the survey conducted in 2019 states that 43% of British people use Apple in their household. This figure is just shy of half of the UK market, and it is just unbelievable.

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2.   Samsung

One the second position, Samsung has cemented its place because about 37% of the British people use Samsung phones in their household. The rivalry between Samsung and Apple has been going on for a long time, and both of the brands don’t seem to quit the race. Both of them come up with better phones every single year that amaze the people and urge them to buy the new models every single year.

We also actually don’t know if Samsung will be able to surpass Apple in the UK in terms of most used brands. But the competition is relatively narrow, and it is possible for Samsung to go even further.

3.   Huawei

This is where the competition gets drastically lower than the top two. Huawei is used by only 6 to 7 percent of people in the whole UK. There are few other brands like Sony, Nokia, and LG that have disappeared compete with Huawei, but still, their percentage is drastically low. Samsung and Apple are far ahead of all these brands, but Huawei has still managed to own third place when it comes to the most used brands in the UK.


So these are the top three brands that the British prefer over any other brands. Now you will only have to consider which brand will work out best for you according to your budget and preferences.