10 Easy Ways To Mount Your Window Hardware Without Breaking A Sweat

Mounting instructions are given along with the hardware but to ensure the success of mounting yours, try to read the following:

1. Since not all windows are level and plumb, you have to take measurements down from the ceiling to where you plan to mount your hardware.

2. To make sure that all brackets are mounted evenly at similar height, take out your trusty retractable steel measuring tape.

3. Mark the exact place where your brackets will be mounted by using an erasable pencil.

4. You can install your hardware in the following sequence:

Initially, brackets go up followed by the sliding of the rings onto the rods or poles when using poles or rods with rings. After which, you have to insert the rod or pole into the brackets and then put the finials at the ends. Finally, you can add your window treatment to the rings.

Place in your pole or rod in the sleeve ahead of putting the rod through the brackets when using poles or rods that go with a rod sleeve. Lastly, you can cap the finials at the ends if necessary.

5. To find the studs of the wall, utilize a stud finder. It provides secure anchor for holding hardware.

6. Why not try using molly bolts when installing brackets into dry or plaster wall? They keep all you hardware items in place as it expands inside the wall.

7. Avail the masonry bolts that also expand when you install into concrete or brick.

8. Take measurements of your window frame and use a pencil to mark the bracket holes when mounting a rod to the ceiling. Gravity will work against the pole or rod, so you have to use molly bolts to safely install your hardware.

9. For the rod to avoid sagging, you must put up a center bracket when the rod is very long. When creating a treatment from heavyweight fabric, you still have to make use of extra brackets even though your rod is short.

10. Always make sure that everything is safe when mounting your hardware. It is always the most important thing to consider when mounting your window hardware.

By lexutor