Unique Technology Will Be Around the World

Realize you with the development of the era that also helped attract the development of technology in the vicinity. Starting from small things, now technology is constantly developing wings in creating something new. Who ever thought that there would be a day where we could touch the glass screen to change and even run the program?

Who would have thought that glasses also have many amazing functions like google glass? And maybe we are now no longer will doubt the development of technology that is even more advanced than that all.

Well as reported some side technology on the phone was also developed. The point? Obviously to make it easier for you in using the phone every day.

1. Upper Cup.

Are you a coffee lover and a very active iPhone user? Maybe one of these powerful tools you should include as a collection. Well, iPhone has now set up a tool that can make you able to do two things at once.

Well Upper Cup is one chasing that is created for you who want to keep enjoying your coffee by staying focused on iPhone. I do not know, but it seems this sophisticated tool looks very complicated and a bit dangerous, right? But it all depends on you.

2. The Brolly Texting

Roughly do you need this one gadget device? The Brolly Texting is an umbrella that will be created for you who is a gadget fan. After researching some users of gadgets, then umbrellas are different from umbrellas in general this will be created.

The Brolly texting has a hand grip that is perfect for those of you who often play with mobile phones. Your finger will be free to move to stay focused on the phone when you use an umbrella. So the core of creating this umbrella is to keep or grip your gadget while keeping it dry in the rain.

3. Gloves.

Have you ever had trouble using gloves to press a button on your smartphone? Well basically not all gloves are able to perfectly touch the screen on our smartphone. In fact, for those who live in cold areas, using gloves while playing a gadget is needed.
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Therefore this touch screen glove is created for you who likes to wear gloves. This object has a special wire centered on the tip of the index finger making it easier for you to access the smartphone. Not only on the smartphone of course, but on the tablet also has this glove also had a function?

4. Texthook.

Sending messages on mobile phones or what we know as message is almost the thing most people do in the world. But one thing we know for sure that some countries forbid playing with their gadgets while driving. But playing a cell phone while pushing a stroller is certainly not an illegal thing is not it?

But of course it is very complicated and difficult when you want to send messages while pushing the train. Therefore a new breakthrough in the world of technology. Well texthook is a buffer for your gadgets that can be installed on baby strollers and shopping carts. So, keep have fun with your gadget!

5. Braille Touch.

And of the many advanced technologies that will develop, maybe this is the most intelligent. A technology that will be created this time is reserved for those who are short of hearing and vision.

Yup, Braille Touch is an SMS app that was created with a concept like Braille writing. So now those who experience the inability to see also able to send short messages on their phones.

That’s some advanced technology that you never imagined would be present to facilitate the process of telecommunication with gadgets, mobile phones, or smartphone. Are you interested in having one?