Improve Your WordPress Website Security

In today’s digital age, the website is not just an arena of existence. For some site owners, the website is a valuable asset that can be priceless. So it is appropriate if the website was treated specifically, to be safe from the attacks of various parties.

We certainly do not want to lose data and business in the website we have built. This time I will tell you about 6 Steps to Improve Your WordPress Website Security.

Improve Website Security

From my experience, there are some special tips to improve the security of a website, especially WordPress based website. And the steps are as follows:

1. Hosting With Good Security Level

Make sure in choosing a hosting provider, you drop the option on the hosting provider that is supported by a good security system. Ask this in advance to the hosting provider’s services, before making a hosting rental transaction.

When you want to choose any hosting package, do not just pegged to the price of cheap hosting package only. However checks are also the credibility of the hosting provider, especially in terms of security.

2. Verify Update

A WordPress website usually consists of CMS, themes and plugins as support. As a WordPress-based website user, make sure these three things are always updated.

WordPress is an Open Source software. This is both strength and weakness. The hackers always try to hack and look for loopholes to attack the WordPress website. For that reason the developers of WordPress always make regular improvements. This causes WordPress to always update on the system.

So, to always awake from these attacks, you should update the WordPress application that you use with the latest version of course more refined.

3. Password

Use unique and hard-to-guess passwords for login access into your WordPress website dashboard. Get used to create a series of passwords consisting of letters, numbers, and symbols to support the strength of the password.

4. Using Unique Username

Never use the default username of WordPress “Admin”. Immediately change the name of the default username for the security of your WordPress website. Because hackers used to attack accounts with admin username names as “easy targets”.

5. Theme

Always try to use the paid WordPress theme. Because according to case studies, many damage attacks that can be free entry into the WordPress website system comes from a free theme that is widely offered in the market. Not that WordPress theme is free for quality, but these free templates are usually more likely to be inserted with malicious programs.

If you really want to use a free theme, you should note the security and credibility of the template provider. Try to use free themes contained in or themes created and developed by renowned developers.

6. Use the Security Plugin

Now there are many different kinds of support plugins to increase security on your WordPress website. At there are also many plugin options to secure your website from hacker attacks.

Hopefully sharing tips and steps is useful. I never intended to frighten you, just to be more alert and alert. This is meant just so we are one step ahead of the hackers.